Tarot Card Reading

Inseeya has predicted celebrity Tarots and her articles on Telangana and Chandrababu Naidu in the Times of India were very accurate.She writes weekly predictions for the Telugu newspaper ‘Sakshi’.

Tarot Card reading is an ancient method of divination that has been practiced for centuriesthroughout the world and has helped people in many ways.

A Tarot reading session with Inseeya will help bring out clarity and guide you through the obstacles you may be facing in your day to day life.

Inseeya with her accuracy on tarot reads and her high level of intuitions, guides the person as to what is store for him/her,how to walk towards success, what are the hurdles in their path and how to overcome those hurdles.

Whether it is questions you need answering to, a situation which may be frustrating you or clarification on the outcome of an event the reading will give accurate responses directly related to you.

Tarot card reading for

 Tarot-card reader
 Reiki Grandmaster
 Fengshui consultant

Tarot card reading is available in person, online or by phone. Couple or group reading are also possible.

 Individual’s tarot card reading

 Couple’s tarot card reading

 Group or family tarot card reading session – Contact us for pricing.

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